Al Capone "Shorty"

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Al Capone "Shorty" Smallest rotary pen on the market. This is the GENUINE Al Capone "Shorty" Only the size of a open matchbox, powerful motor, quick adjust needle stroke, up to 3.5mm. Anodized aluminum body, you can get color Black, Copper, Green or Silver: Choose from drop down menu RCA connection, comes in gift box with RCA cord. Work with all branded cartridges. We recommend CPH brand. Start voltage 2.3 Volt Voltage with 3RL 5-6 Volt Voltage with 21 Magnum 7-9 Volt Size: 32mm radius, 65mm high, 85mm high with the RCA connection Weight: So lite you will not believe it!
Al Capone "Shorty"
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