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REPARING FILM 1.Material: from Japan, Latex free and hypoallergenic. 2.Function: It will provide superior tattoo aftercare for you. Keeps out water, dirt, and germs yet lets skin breathe. Speeds up healing and reduces scabbing. Light and flexible for ultimate comfort. 3.Size: 15cm(wide)*500cm(Length)/Roll, could cut to fit any size tattoo. 4.Packing: Red/Purple/Green/Blue Tube STEP 1 Clean and dry the new tattoo and surrounding skin (lotions or ointments are not necessary STEP 2 Cut the REPARING FILM to allow at least 1 inch to be in contact with undamaged skin. More extra room is suggested in highly mobile areas STEP 3 Peel off the paper backing to reveal the adhesive side STEP 4 Gently apply the bandage using light pressure. For best results, ensure that the skin is in a neutral position STEP 5 Remove the plastic backing, leaving only REPARING FILM on the skin STEP 6 Wear the bandage for up 3 days, depending on how much the tattoo weeps
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