Smart Touch HP-3 Deluxe

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Smart Touch HP-3 Deluxe
Smart Touch HP-3 This is the Rolls Royce of Power Supplies, work same as your Iphone or Smart phone screen. Run coil machines and got seperate output for rotary machines. The New Hurricane HP-3 power supply is a big upgrade from predecessor (HP-2). This new power supply has no buttons or knobs. The HP-3 incorporates a Smart Touch system which is like a touch screen. Items included: Power Supply, Separate Mount, Mini Workstation, Power Pack, RCA Power Cord, & 2 Screen Protector. This item also includes a Mini Portable Work Station. This workstation is multi-functional and can hold your Inks, Ink Cup, Wash Bottle, and More. You also get a separate power supply mount if you decide not to use it with the portable workstation. Qty-2 Machine holders Qty-11 Spots for your Ink Qty-19 Spots for Ink Cups Qty-1 Large Spot for anything
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